Beach, Books, and Babes!

Who's ready for some fun, sun, books, and lesbians? I know I am! It's been a long winter. All of you west-coasters should be patient as east-coasters whine about how late spring is and how tired we are of being cooped up inside. Heck, it snowed the day we opened our pool. The cold weather kept me at my desk, so I was far more productive than I normally am. I spent the winter working on two books simultaneously, which is a first for me. Normally I write one book at a time, but these projects are so different that I was able to toggle back and forth between the two to stay fresh. The first, Raising Artemis, is a poignant and uplifting story about the extraordinary soul connection between pets and people…as only a cat could tell it. The second is a lesbian romance called A Recipe for Love. Danika Russo faces retirement by stepping outside her comfort zone to take a cooking class. There, she meets an unlikely partner who teaches her the recipe for love. Stay tuned! Both books will be out in October!

Now onto some upcoming events. I'm excited for an incredibly unique featured event in Provincetown for Single Women's Weekend May 18-20. This is a one-of-a-kind afternoon where essential oils mixologist and author Julez Weinberg will showcase some incredible cocktails, and how to infuse essential oils into libations at the scenic Harbor Lounge. I'll also be reading and talking lesbian books alongside talented authors Kim Baker, and Randi Triant. Read below for more details. I hope to see you at the GCLS Annual Conference in Vegas July 4-8. I'll be leading the workshop "From Novel to Screenplay: Adapting Your Novel for the Screen," as well as co-leading the workshop "Brand YOU - Building Your Brand For Bigger Bucks: Leveraging Events, PR, Relationships, and Social Media" with Sallyanne Monti. There's still time to register if you'd like to attend. But wait, there's more! I'll be participating in events and readings during Provincetown's GirlSplash to be held July 17-21. Stay tuned for more information, but certainly reserve your vacation now if you're planning to attend. Space fills up fast. I highly recommend booking your stay at Roux Provincetown. If you’re looking for a laid-back getaway where you can get lost, Roux offers plenty of cozy and wonderful spaces to escape. If you’re after a major mingle with some really awesome like-minded people from across the planet, Roux's got that covered, too. Roux provides an eclectic, artistic and relaxed canvas where you design your experience and discover that there is indeed an art to staying. Speaking of Roux, I'm thrilled to announce that my new lesbian romance novel, A Recipe for Love, will officially launch at Roux during Provincetown's famed Women's Week. The book features two older women who fall in love over an Italian cooking class. The launch party will be held on October 10 in the evening. If you'd like a ticket to the launch party, that will feature incredible Italian food and tasty cocktails, email me directly at Space is limited! Stay tuned for the cover reveal and more fun news on the book. I'll also be a special workshop presenter during the incredibly uplifting Provincetown Inspiration Weekend to be held October 5-7. If you want to attend an event that will help you connect with yourself and find hope in humanity, this is a must-attend weekend for you. You'll relax, reflect, and renew. Inspiration Weekend is right before Women's Week, so if you just start your stay a day or two in advance of Women's Week, you can also catch this incredible event run by my friend Christie Hardwick. Registration is now open. Finally, did you know that you can order autographed and personalized copies of my books right from my website? It's true! Simply visit and you'll see autographed copies and electronic downloads available for purchase. Of course, you can also buy directly from Amazon, too. My website exclusively features e-book of my debut collection of poetry I.V. Poems. You won't find that book anywhere else. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @lucyjmadison, you'll be the first to learn about special deals and discounts.

Warm Wishes!

Friends: This is an amazing learning opportunity for an emerging, woman-of-color writer!

The Bridge-Builder Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to a woman writer of color who shows talent and drive in creating lesbian literature. The writer should be interested in working on a full-length novel or a collection of short stories.*

The chosen recipient will receive: 1) one, full tuition to the class of 2019 GCLS writing academy; and 2) individual one-on-one mentoring with a well-established writer in the genre of lesbian fiction.

In return, the candidate will: Create a brief (one page) monthly report on that month’s lessons, their own work in progress, or GCLS promotions within their community. Attend online classes and participate in the assignments to the best of their ability. The candidate must be willing to show how they can help promote and support lesbian literature in general, and the writing academy specifically within their own communities.

Application deadline: The candidate will submit a ten-page sample of their best work, along with an application by June 1, 2018. Candidates will be chosen by June 30th, 2018. Classes start in September of 2018, however, there will be a summer reading list assignment.

The link to the detailed Bridge Builder description is: Here

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