Guest Blog Post: Renee MacKenzie

Eleven months ago, while in Austin, TX for the Lone Star Lesfic Festival, I got caught up in the moment during a conversation with my publisher and ended up promising her a romance in six months. After the giddiness wore off and reality set in, I started to panic. What was I thinking? I’d never written a book in less than a year.

Without ample time to plan and research, I decided to pick through real life for a novel idea. I’d recently started a running routine with a friend, where we rewarded ourselves with sushi afterward. Okay, my main character runs and eats sushi. What else? Not too long prior to that time, I’d gone through a CIT (critical incident training) class for work. I found the training to be life changing in how it opened my eyes. Okay, my main character works in community mental health. That’s a start.

But my main character needed a name (Jordy) and of course a love interest (Keira). Ah, can’t forget about a pet – Sammie the cat to the rescue!

Once I figured out the basics, the rest came rushing to me. I changed my real running partner from a straight school teacher to a lesbian dentist, I gave Keira a furniture store, and I let Jordy move into my real life neighborhood in Naples.

Summer in southwest Florida can be brutally hot and buggy. This worked to my advantage in that other than running, I didn’t feel the need to do too much playing outdoors. So, I stayed home and wrote. I finished the romance in just under five months.

And now, Pausing is born. Pausing, often sexy and sometimes poignant, is my sixth novel published with Affinity eBooks Press. You can buy it HERE.

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