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I.V. Poems

If poetry should be tied to song in either rhythm or movement, these qualify as segments from a symphony with nostalgic notes we've heard before-or think we have - but that also sweep into refrains we could not have expected.

Jenny Kalahar

Tipton Poetry Journal

IV Kindle Cover.png
A Collection of Poetry

These are thought-provoking and beautiful poems to be read again and again.

The language of these poems sings. The songs are beautiful, sad, are happy. They will make you weep; they will make you smile. They will leave you wanting more and wondering when the next book will come out.


About the Book

I.V. Poems is Lucy J. Madison's debut collection of poetry. The chapbook found its way to completion when Lucy spent a winter in Provincetown, MA after being forced to relocate from her primary home along the Hudson River due to Hurricane Sandy.


Where to Buy

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Lenore Goode

"I admit, I did not just read these poems; I devoured them, a starving woman at the table of plenty. I haven't done that since the last time I read Erica Jong. I will read these poems again, take my time, and chew each morsel carefully to extract all the flavor, meat, and wonderful goodness."


Barry Harris

Tipton Poetry Journal

I first encountered Lucy J. Madison’s poetry when TPJ published her poem “The Farmhouse.” Her deft language and knack for choosing just the right word become evident quickly. These are intimate and fascinating poems that probe the mystery of relationships, often while exploring those spaces where one thing meets the edge of another:  black night yielding to dawn or ocean surf pounding against a sandy beach. Her facility for metaphor and personification brings words alive in new and often surprising ways.


Pam Shenanigans

What I noticed is the vivid description of the setting of each poem. It’s admirable. It made me feel like I should also delve into learning how to stitch my words into something as such.

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