Guest Blog Post: Meeting Connie

“Excuse me, Dr. Thrasher.” Frowning, I glanced up from the jumble of papers and books cluttering my executive desk, where I was busily jot

Telling Stories

There is something about telling stories that gets my heart racing. It's always been like that for me. I remember my parents bought me the first generation Apple computer way back in the day. Even with the computer turned off, I would pretend to type because the sound of my fingers on the keys made my heart pump a little faster. Sometimes I struggle with what to write next. Sometimes I struggle with finding a balance between productivity and living my life. Life is a balancing act. I no longer feel the necessity to produce blindly just because I think I should. Rather, I work when I feel the story flowing like a river inside me. If it isn't flowing freely, and deep, I let it go and try to en

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